Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lookin up...

Had an interview in Cleveland yesterday afternoon, it went well… but at the same time I haven’t had a bad interview yet and I’m still jobless. I was actually kind of nervous and scared for this one though. Not for the actual job interview because I know I am completely capable to do anything, but because I had to walk two blocks in downtown Cleveland. That was the closest parking spot I could find so it had to do. While I was walking I felt like a piece of meat with guys saying stuff to me; I swear I could feel their eyes burning into me as I walked by them trying to block out the words they were saying. Once I got to the building I was early so I waited in the main lobby until ten till 2. When I took the elevator up to the 11th floor there were only two doors. I knocked on Suite 1150 and nobody came so then I tried the doorbell and still no answer. At this time I was scared out of my mind that someone was going to jump out when I least expected it. So I called my mom and asked her what to do because there was not a single soul around to ask any questions. After I hung up with her I called the guy on his cell and asked about the interview. Turns out he was in the office but they are remodeling the inside of the office so nobody obviously could hear the doorbell and knocks.

Once I got in there it was of course smooth sailing…I’m completely at ease and never get nervous. I mean I went to school for Business Administration double run… then I received a management minor which makes the interviews a breeze because I can easily talk openly to people…third base. To top it off I also have a marketing concentration which you might ask how does that help, but it gives me the basic essentials one needs to know on how to focus on the important attributes needed in selling oneself...Home run! Except every time I get to that home plate I am automatically called OUT when I hear someone behind me running to catch up and it turns out they have more experience. I just keep going and keep filling out applications and going on these interviews in hopes that eventually something will fall into place. I know I’m smart enough and I’m friendly and personable. It just comes down to…can other people see that in the short 15 minutes an interview takes?

On a happier note, I got to spend some time with the bestie this week! Such a breath of fresh air that I have been desperately gasping for :-) It was one of those spur of the moment hang out times, which are the best if I do say so myself. We just drove around the big C and M, talked, I sang, and we just laughed. It was just what I needed. I love and adore that guy with no end in sight. He always knows what to say to make me feel better or laugh no matter what happens. I enjoy his company so much and he really does understand where I am coming from with everything. I never have to worry about telling him something and wondering about it getting out, and I trust him completely which is incredibly hard to gain when it comes to me. He knows practically everything there is to possibly know about me. From my parents and how they see things in life, to my sister and how I feel, to everything about myself…the good, the funny, the personal, the fears, and even the not so good things. Yet, he still always cares, he’s always there no matter what happens and I appreciate that more than words could possibly describe. I would be so lost without him and I really do love him to death! :-)

So, since graduating this past May, I don’t get to talk to many people or see many so facebook has become my main source of social interaction. That is, unless I give people my cell phone number. If someone is going to IM me after we become Fb friends…of course I am going to talk to them, that’s just who I am and how my mom raised me to be. I’m worried that maybe people are getting the wrong impression from that though. I mean I admit, I’m super friendly yet there is a major difference between my friendliness and flirting. I’m not who I used to be and I am insanely proud of that fact, but people don’t realize that if they don’t know me. In all reality most wouldn’t know how to decipher between the two unless they did know me though. That is a problem I seem to run into all the time. I’m not looking for any kind of relationship at this point in my life. I have to get myself settled and stable before I even consider playing the field and bringing someone else into my crazy world.

Then there’s of course the unreachable that we always seem to fall for. Ya know that one guy/girl that you want so bad and that you would do anything and everything in your power to get them. The person you wake up smiling by just the mere thought of them. The person you fall asleep smiling thinking about. The person you go above and beyond, and continuously out of your way to make them smile, because for that time being, for that short amount of time they finally notice you. Yet, for some reason they never see you. I mean they see you, but not for what they should see you as. That one person you wish you could just grab their face and scream at them to look at you. Tell them to look into your eyes and see that what they need, what they say they want, and what true happiness they could have, they have always had right in front of them…in you.

On another subject…what the heck is Lady GaGa thinking with her videos?!? I just saw her new video for paparazzi and what a scary messed up girl she is?!?

Hope the bestie has fun in Toledo this weekend doing big things. I know he will be great as always. That’s all the randomness I have for the day I’m sure there will be more to come :-)

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